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Our Practices

At Reailize, we specialize in advancing the telecommunications sector through expert-led practices spanning all network and technology domains. Our objectives include cultivating expertise, supporting R&D, and spearheading AI/ML innovations, all while delivering top-tier consulting, advisory, and assessment services. With a commitment to excellence and a comprehensive suite of solutions for architecture design, network optimization, and technology integration, we empower our clients to build, grow, and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

  • Lab Integration, Management & Monitoring

  • Defect Management and Troubleshooting

  • Testing Automation & Intent based testing

  • End-to-End Lab lineups Observability 

  • Process Creation, Optimization, and Enforcement

  • Architecture Design and Validation

  • Network Modernization and Support

  • Advanced Testing and Validation Services

  • Operations, Maintenance and Optimization

  • Security and Compliance

  • Vendor Management and Review

  • Expertise, Experience, Research and Development

  • Project Engagement and Efficiency Enhancement

  • Proofs of Concept and Production Implementation

  • Early Client Engagement and Expertise Sharing

  • Workshop Leadership and Ideation

  • Partner in ML Innovation

  • Multi-domain Automation and Integration

  • Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)

  • Multi-site EDGE deployments and Orchestration 


Together, we make it happen.

Technologies & Certifications

In Reailize, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise and comprehensive knowledge in both telecom and service management sectors, ensuring a swift and effective solutions for our customers. 

Reailize Telco Cloud Ops Practice and Solution Offering

Network Design and Implementation 1- Mobile Network Functions and Elements (3G, 4G, 5G). 2- Voice Network Functions: Fixed Network, IMS, SBC, NGN, LCS, iDEN. 3- RAN Equipment: BBUs, Small Cells, Controllers, oRAN.

Testing and Troubleshooting 1- Testing Tools: Jenkins Pipeline, KeyString, LandSlide, LoadCore. 2- ObservabilityTools: ENM, Jaeger, Wireshark, NOC Tools. 3- Fixed and Mobile Services Testing. 4- Fixed and Mobile Call Flows Troubleshooting. 5-Deep Packet Inspection.

Virtualization, Cloud, and Infrastrcuture 1- Cloud Platforms: Azure, AWS, OCI, OpenStack, Google Cloud. 2- Virtualization Tools: VMware, Kubernetes, KVM, Cisco ACI, Cisco CVIM.

Network Operations 1- Routing and Switching: Cisco ASR Series, Huawei Routers. 2- Network Operations Tools: 3G/4G/5G network KPIs, traps. 3- Service Management: Agile, ITiL.

Standardized Signaling and Communication Protocol Expertise Signaling and Protocols: HTTPv2, PFCP, GTPv2, NGAP, NAS, RRC, JSON, SIP, SS7, Diameter, BICC, CAMEL, ENUM, MAP, Radius, etc.

Service Management 1- Customer Support Process Management. 2- Ticketing Tools: iTrack, Jira, Remedy.

Security and Compliance 1- Firewalls: Fortigate, ASA, CheckPoint. 2- Cyber Security Management Policies, Data Network Security.

Data Management and Analytics 1- Databases: SQL, PostgreSQL. 2- Data Analysis Tools: Stata, Pandas, PowerBI, Excel macros.

Automation and Scripting 1- Scripting Languages: Python, R, React Js, Bash, Java. 2- DevOps Tools: Cisco NSO



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