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Blending extensive experience, proven products, and unmatched flexibility, we put 'skin in the game', passionately embracing problem-solving with AI/ML-driven Automation, to deliver solutions that redefine global operational efficiency.

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Our Solutions

We Specialize in transforming Network Planning, Testing, Deployment and Operations, and our solutions leverage AI/ML technologies to enable early issue detection, improve troubleshooting efficiency, reduce time to market to launch new services and deliver a seamless customer experience. 


Our Practices

Streamlining testing and integration through innovative services supported by automation.

Leading telco engineering with comprehensive design, validation, and operational excellence across all network domains

Empowering your AI journey with expert-led workshops, fast-track solutions, and hands-on training, tailored to deliver tangible business value.

Accelerating cloud innovation with automation, Infrastructure as Code, and seamless multi-cloud integrations.

41% decrease in customer impacting network outages
40% reduction in time-to-market of new services & technologies
30% reduction in Mean Time-to-Repair (MTTR)
25% reduction in OPEX costs leveraging resource elasticity & automation
20% increase in number of issues resolved at Tier 1
25% decrease in number of issues escalated to Tier 3/OEMs  
Improved software quality and Customer Satisfaction



“... thank you very much for all the good work and efforts - as a result of the great utility it brings to mega events - your tool has # 1 reserved space on our SOC main screen."

MEA Tier 1 Operator  - CTIO

"Reailize's commitment and expertise have been paramount in our journey towards deploying 5G UDM services. Their contribution has been acknowledged by our leadership, reflecting the high caliber of their work."

US Tier 1 Operator - Core Lab Director

“…Lab Portal saved me a ton of time and made creating a build so much faster!  … I actually closed down our original Lab Build Wiki and have redirected all folks to the Lab Portal as the main hub for everything Build & MW…”

US Tier 1 Operator - 5G Core Director

“The Automation Framework significantly accelerated our cloud migration, transforming a year-long process into 15 days and automating our network functions. This approach boosted our deployment speed by 3x, a critical factor in the success of public cloud program.”

Director of IT Architecture, Tier 1 Operator, LATAM

Together, we make it happen.



7700 Windrose Ave.,

Plano, TX 75024, USA

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& Beyond.

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