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Cloud Enablement

Empowering Seamless Cloud Transformation 

In today's dynamic IT landscape, cloud infrastructure is pivotal for operational agility and innovation. However, operators often encounter challenges in deploying, integrating and managing cloud environments effectively. Our Cloud Enablement offering addresses these challenges: 

Vendor-Agnostic Build Deployment and Validation: 
  • Supports a wide range of cloud platforms including AWS, OCI, Azure, OpenStack, OpenShift, and various hardware OEMs. 

  • Offers Build Automation using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Golden Images, NetFlow, and Generic Automation for seamless cloud setups. 

  • Integrates Closed Loop Automation and Rapid Automated Service Assurance for efficient and resilient cloud operations​​. 

End-to-End Cloud Deployment Services: 
  • Facilitates both Public and Private Cloud Deployment, ensuring flexibility and compliance with organizational needs. 

  • Specializes in Application Cloud Migration, covering Infrastructure, Software, and Data, thus ensuring a holistic and risk-mitigated transition to cloud environments. 

  • Leverages Multi-Site Automation and Repeatable Deployments for consistency and reliability across multiple geographical sites​​. 

Key Benefits

Versatile Cloud Infrastructure

Customizes cloud solutions to diverse needs, ensuring efficient and scalable environments.

One-Click Cloud Build

Streamlines the cloud setup process, reducing time-to-deployment and operational complexities.

Comprehensive Migration Support

Offers expertise in migrating applications and data to the cloud, ensuring minimal disruption and optimized performance.

Innovative Cloud-Native Solutions

Supports telcos in modernizing their networks with cloud-native architectures, enhancing agility, and unlocking new revenue streams​​​​​​​​.

AI and Automation Integration

Supports telcos in modernizing their networks with cloud-native architectures, enhancing agility, and unlocking new revenue streams​​​​​​​​.

Our Cloud Enablement solutions and services simplifies and accelerates your journey to the cloud, empowering you with the flexibility and efficiency needed for modern digital transformations. 

Case Study:

Transforming Telecommunications with Cloud & Automation Solutions

First Tier Operator

In the telecommunications industry, automation and cloud technologies have become integral to driving innovation and efficiency. A major telecom operator identified the need to automate repetitive tasks and leverage cloud technology to improve service delivery, productivity, and infrastructure scalability. These technologies enable telecom operators to rapidly deploy new services, scale infrastructure, and adapt to changing market demands. 


  • Reduce Manual Processes: Automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and resource allocation. 

  • Infrastructure Scalability: Enable rapid deployment and scaling of infrastructure in a multi-vendor environment. 

  • Cost Reduction: Lower operational costs through efficient cloud and automation strategies. 

  • Innovation Enhancement: Foster a culture of innovation and readiness for network functions and application infrastructure. 

Strategies and Actions

  • The company's cloud and automation initiatives include: 

    • Cloud Enablement: Designing and strategizing end-to-end on-premises infrastructure. 

    • Cloud Migration: Migrating network functions and application infrastructure to public and private cloud environments. 

    • Pipeline Automation: Implementing Infrastructure as Code, defining workflows, and creating automation catalogs. 

  • Differentiators 

    • Expert SMEs in various fields. 

    • Multi-cloud technology experience. 

    • Agnostic services adaptable to any hardware and software. 

    • Automated deployment processes using blocks and pipelines. 

    • A strong development team focusing on innovation in both telecom and IT sectors. 

  • Key Services 

    • Growth from 1 to 20 engineers since 2016, specializing in cloud solutions. 

    • Pioneering in technology enablement for cloud solutions. 

    • Evangelization for cloud automation and best practices. 

    • Enablement of deployment catalog in network and IT fields. 

    • In-house platform integration development. 

    • Definition and enablement of automation use cases. 

    • Functions and application migration. 

    • End-to-end ownership of platform implementation on-prem infrastructure. 

    • Cloud-native technology enablement. 

    • Proficiency in Kubernetes, mesh, microservices. 

    • Design of Telco-grade cloud platforms. 

    • Automated testing and delivery. 

  • Cloud and Automation Services 

    • Mapping in-house infrastructure to Public Cloud services. 

    • Defining and sizing services for public cloud destinations. 

    • Generating architecture for public cloud destinations. 

    • Implementing Infrastructure as Code. 

    • Defining and implementing cloud-native frameworks and automation workflows. 

    • Deploying infrastructure workflows and pipelines for public clouds like Oracle CI, Azure, and AWS. 

    • Creating a catalog of golden images for standardized infrastructure as code. 

    • Infrastructure versioning. 

    • Delivering Cloud OpenStack and Cluster OpenShift Baremetal. 

    • Scaling strategies and deployment for data centers/MSOs. 

    • Implementing Redfish modeling for infrastructure. 

    • Applying DevOps best practices. 

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Significantly reduced manual processes, leading to greater efficiency and resource allocation. 

  • Enhanced scalability and rapid deployment of infrastructure. 

  • Reduced operational costs in a multi-vendor environment. 

  • Accelerated infrastructure deployment and scalability. 

  • Improved readiness of network functions and application infrastructure before launching to production. 

  • Fostering a culture of innovation in both network and IT fields. 


This case study demonstrates the transformative impact of cloud and automation solutions in the telecommunications industry. By adopting these technologies, the company has significantly improved its operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced its ability to innovate and respond to market demands. This strategic approach positions the company as a leader in leveraging advanced technologies for competitive advantage. 

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