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Deployment Automation

Streamlining Network Service Rollouts 

Deploying and integrating network services across various domains, vendors and technologies is a complex and critical task. Our Deployment Automation solution streamlines  this process, allowing telco operators to launch services rapidly and effectively. Reducing manual errors, accelerating service availability, and enabling operators to meet the growing customers' demands

Site Deployment & Integration Automation
  • Streamlines the entire lifecycle of network site rollout, from initial Site Planning & Design to detailed Scoping and efficient Order Management. 

  • Automated One-Click Site Integration minimizes manual scripting and expedites launch readiness.  

  • Advanced Troubleshooting and rigorous QA processes ensure optimal site functionality before and after launch.  

  • Private Network Planning and Design, customizing solutions to unique client needs. 

  • Accelerated deployment and optimized sites for peak performance. 

FOA Automation (Automated First Office Application Monitoring)

Utilizes historical change management data, integrating rules to correlate with performance management (PM), fault management (FM), and service data. Enabling reguros integrity checks, early detection of issues and accelerating performance optimizations . 

Planning and Optimisation
  • Drive Test and Performance Correlation, enriching drive test data with network performance and customer experience metrics to create a comprehensive view for network optimization and troubleshooting.  

  • Our Smart CAPEX capacity planning leverages Dynamic Forecasting and What-If Analysis, supported by Analytics Dashboards, to ensure financial resources are allocated efficiently and effectively, enabling CSPs to meet current demands and plan for future network expansions with precision. 

Key Benefits

Efficient Capacity Management

Empowers operators to make data-driven decisions on network expansion and investment.

Enhanced Network Insights

For operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and predictive maintenance​​.

Automated Integration Processes

Streamlines site integration, reducing time and errors associated with manual processes.

Enhanced Network Insights

Offers detailed insights into network performance, facilitating proactive optimizations and maintenance.

Accelerated 5G Network Rollout

Automates deployment and management of 5G networks, ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation​​.

Deployment Automation is geared towards revolutionizing how network services are deployed and optimized on production, ensuring your network is always ahead of the curve. 

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