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Smart NOC Automation

Excellence in Network Operations Center (NOC) Management 

In the Network Operations Center (NOC), operators face an array of persistent challenges that impact their capacity to maintain optimal network performance ; from complexities of disparate tools across different domains and vendors, struggling to correlate data, and harness the wealth of information locked within their Trouble Ticket systems. Balancing reactive alarm responses with proactive maintenance often results in alarm fatigue and inefficiency. Our NOC Automation solutions streamline network operations and automate NOC functions, shortening troubleshooting cycles and employing LLM techniques for swift issue resolution. 

E2E Network Operations
  • Monitoring: 24/7 monitoring alerts, performance, of Telco, Corporate network and IT equipment's.

  • Trouble ticket Management (Creation, analysis, triage and escalation)

  • Troubleshoot Support (L1, L2 and L3).

  • Reports and dashboards: Network and incident status, Perf of High Value Cells…

  • Proactive checks: Network health check (inconsistencies, power, temp…).

  • Vendor Management (SLA, etc.)

  • Customer Support: 24/7 Multilingual (French, English, Arabic, Spanish)

Smart NOC

  • Cross-domains Perf and Alarms monitoring (Perf based alarming)

  • Centralized MOPs Library and KEDB

  • Automated proactive Health Check

  • Predictive Maintenance (Auto Resolution of Standard Faults)

  • LLM Based Smart Ticket Routing directs issues to the appropriate resolution pathways, and recommendations for root causes are intelligently generated, streamlining the resolution process. 

Closed Loop Automation (RAF):  

Our Closed Loop Automation utilizes the Reailize Automation Framework (RAF) for executing Method of Procedures (MOP) through various interfaces such as API, CLI, or RPA, enabling action tracking and creating a self-optimizing NOC ecosystem. This automation extends across the network operations, reducing manual workload and fostering a more efficient, accurate, and responsive NOC environment.

Key Benefits

Operational Flexibility

Our adaptable solutions enable operators to either outsource NOC operations entirely or focus on specific areas for improvement.

Advanced Insights and Control

Gain deep visibility into network operations to drive informed decisions and proactive maintenance.

Scalable and Cost-Effective Growth

Manage complex networks efficiently, scaling operations without proportionally increasing costs or resources.

Superior Service Quality

Achieve improved service reliability and customer satisfaction through minimized downtime and proactive issue management.

Future-Ready NOC:

Equip your NOC to handle emerging technologies and evolving network demands with agility and insight.

Reailize's NOC Transformation Solutions redefine network operations management, offering operators the flexibility to tailor their NOC strategy to their unique circumstances and challenges. By adopting our comprehensive, customizable suite of solutions, operators can ensure their NOCs are not only prepared to address today's operational hurdles but are also poised to excel in the telecommunications landscape of tomorrow. 

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