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Operation Assurance Transformation

Refining Network Operations with Advanced Analytics and Automation 

From the edge to the core for wireless and wireline, leveraging automation and intelligence is key to managing the challenges of today’s complex, disaggregated multi-vendor operations. 

Our Operation Assurance Transformation solutions set is meticulously designed to not only enhance but also transform network operations across all domains, leveraging cutting-edge AI/ML technologies and methodologies. This solutions and services offering includes: 

E2E Network Performance Automation: 
  • Data Governance 

    • Cross domains / Technos / Vendors Data ingestion, and centralisation

    • KPIs normalisation

  • Advanced Analytics Engine

    • RAN Analytics:  Performance management and Optimisation

    • Core Analytics : Performance Core domains (3G, 4G, 5G, IMS)

    • Transport Analytics : Performance for microwave, IP & fiber domains

SOC Transformation

  • Service Performance Analytics

    • Service Quality Management (SQM)

    • Network Customer Experience 

    • SLA Management (SLA-M)

    • 5G Probes - DDI (Deep Data Insight)

  • Intra & Inter Domains Correlation

    • Network Optim Automation (NOA)

    • Continuous Assurance

    • ML based multivariate Anomaly Detection 

    • Root Cause Analysis 

  • Customer Impact Analysis

Closed Loop Automation (with Reailize Automation Framework):  
  • Trouble Ticket Integration: Streamlining incident management. 

  • Generic Automation - Method of Procedure (MOP) execution

  • Predictive Maintenance: Automates the resolution of standard faults, addressing issues before impacting the network. 

  • Action / Closed Loop Tracking: Ensures that each automated action is tracked to completion. 

Key Benefits

Holistic Network View

Offers a comprehensive, end-to-end view of network performance, enabling proactive optimizations and efficient resource management.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Focuses on customer-centric analytics and service quality, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Operational Excellence

Empowers NOC and SOC teams with advanced tools and analytics for efficient operations and informed decision-making.

Innovative Automation and AI Application

Integrates AI and automation technologies to transform service assurance, driving efficiencies, reducing costs, and enhancing customer experiences.

Case Study:

First Tier Operator

Transforming Service Operations with AI/ML & Automation

In an increasingly complex and competitive telecommunications landscape, a prominent company recognized the need to revolutionize its Service Operations Center (SOC). Facing challenges such as escalating network complexities, growing customer expectations, and an ever-expanding volume of data, the company sought to harness the power of AI/ML and automation technologies.


This initiative was not just about technological advancement but also about adopting a customer-first approach, fostering a culture of innovation, and redefining the way the SOC operates. The goal was to transition from traditional, reactive methods to a more agile, proactive, and data-driven operation, ultimately enhancing the quality of service and customer satisfaction. 


  • Operational Excellence: Achieve a significant reduction in operational noise and inefficiencies, enabling the SOC team to focus on high-impact activities and use resources more effectively. 

  • Enhanced Incident Management: Improve the handling and resolution of network incidents through advanced predictive capabilities, reducing the mean time to root cause (MTTR) and accelerating response times to subscriber-impacting issues. 

  • Superior Customer Experience: Elevate the level of customer service by proactively addressing network faults, minimizing service disruptions, and maintaining high standards of network performance and reliability. 

  • Innovative Culture: Cultivate a mindset shift within the SOC team towards embracing AI/ML technologies and automation, facilitating continuous learning and improvement in service operations. 

Strategies and Actions

  • Noise Reduction and Efficiency Improvement 

    • Achieved a 90% reduction in daily network incident investigations. 

    • Decreased MTTR for subscriber-impacting issues by 30%. 

  • Proactive Fault Prediction 

    • Predicted over 30,000 customer-impacting network faults. 

    • Foreseen more than 1,000 VVIP-impacting network faults in a single month. 

  • Operational Transformation 

    • Shifted from routine checks to predictive anomaly detection. 

    • Moved anomaly identification from cluster to cell level. 

    • Transitioned from rule-based tools to AI/ML-based detection. 

    • Reduced reliance on multiple investigation tools. 

    • Implemented real-time root cause analysis with automated ticketing. 

    • Established a prioritization system for handling anomalies. 

Outcomes & Benefits

  • Significant reduction in time and cost for root cause analysis and troubleshooting. 

  • Improved first-call resolution rates and reduced average handle time. 

  • Lowered churn rates through proactive service resolutions. 

  • Reduced ticket generation by addressing issues early. 

  • Enhanced customer retention and experience. 


This case study exemplifies the successful integration of AI/ML and automation in transforming a Service Operations Center. The company's initiative streamlined operations and significantly improved customer satisfaction, setting a new standard in the telecom industry for innovative service delivery. 

Günther Ottendorfer, CTIO

"The B-Yond Solution detected an upcoming error on one of our nodes hours before it happened. Accelerating time to identify and resolve is super important and cannot be done by human only... There’s also the human aspect, good interaction between my team and the B-Yond team. We learned a lot and maybe you also."


"Congratulations to the whole #reailize team - what a nice award for this great work. In collaboration with our SOC team — you fully scored."

CTO - Tier 1 Operator Gulf 

thank you very much - for all the good work and efforts- as a result of the great utility it brings to mega events - your Solution has # 1 reserved space on the SOC main screen !

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