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Cloud Automation 

At Reailize, our Cloud Automation Engineering Practice is dedicated to advancing networks and rapidly deploying new services through innovative automation. We specialize in Infrastructure as Code for both on-premises and public cloud environments, enhancing environment construction, scalability, and resource management. 


Our services are designed to transition from manual configurations to a complete automation framework. We focus on: 

  • Multi-domain Automation and Integration  

    • Modeling services and environment readiness  

    • GitOps and DevSecOps transformation services  

  • Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE)  

    • Public (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI)  

    • On-premises (OpenShift, K8s, OpenStack, VMware)  

    • Workload Placement and Cloud FinOps (hyperscalers)  

  • Multi-site EDGE deployments and orchestration  

    • Modeling for new environments  

    • Integration with existing tools and platforms  

    • Professional services for Architecture and vendor management  


One-click deployment  


The solution covers creating and modeling resources, facilitating the smooth deployment of Cloud Infrastructure and network Functions, and simplifying the onboarding process.   

We simplify the intricacies of managing multiple pipelines and templates, enabling effortless one-click deployment of Infrastructure. Our approach seamlessly integrates diverse layers in a vendor-agnostic manner, ensuring smooth operations.   


Agnostic Automation  


Implementing automation across multiple layers of cloud service improves operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It expedites the deployment of new Infrastructure or meets organizational requirements in areas such as modeling, deployment, governance, and operations.   


Cloud enablement using SMEs in different fields (Infra, Automation, Testing, Integration)  


By employing processes like GitOps and DevSecOps, we empower the democratization of data and leverage expertise to significantly reduce the time-to-market for platform deployment and integration into the customer's network.   

Expertise and Tecnologies 

Image by John Schnobrich


  • K8s, Linux, containers, IaC  

  • Python, Ansible, Go, Terraform, HELM  

  • Mariner OS, RHCOS  

  • OpenShift  

  • Git, Jenkins,   

  • Microservices  

  • DevSecOps, Vault mobility  

  • GitOps  

  • NetCONF  

Computer Chip


  • AWS  

  • Azure  

  • OCI  

  • GCP  

  • Red Hat  

  • VMware  

  • K8s Certified  

  • Scrum, Agile  

  • Linux  

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