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Lab Engineering

At Reailize “Lab Engineering” practice we specialize in providing comprehensive lab engineering services within the dynamic realm of telecom. Our Practice plays a pivotal role in various projects, encompassing end-to-end lab management as well as specific services like deployment, integration, testing and automation. Our expertise spans across all modern mobile network technologies including 3G, 4G, and 5G, as well as ORAN and fixed voice networks. 


​Our services, divided into three core verticals, reflect our commitment to enhance lab lifecycle operations, streamline testing and management processes, and ensure both efficient deployment and integration of network functions: 

Lab Management

Lab Testing

Lab Integration

  • Chain Management: Streamlining the workflow between various entities within the lab. 

  • Lab Monitoring: Continuous oversight of lab operations. 

  • Ticket Management and Lab Availability: Ensuring efficient issue resolution and optimal lab resource allocation. 

  • Testing Cycles Management: Overseeing the planning and execution of testing cycles. 

  • Lab Visibility:

    • Enhancing the transparency and accessibility of lab operations. 

  • Process Creation, Optimization, and Enforcement: Developing and refining lab procedures for maximum efficiency. 

  • Regression Testing: Assessing network elements for efficiency and reliability. 

  • End-to-End Network Testing: Comprehensive testing across the entire network. 

  • Service Testing: Evaluating specific telecom services for quality and performance. 

  • Acceptance Testing: Validating a new network function/element integration  

  • Defect Management and RCA

  • Testing Tools’ Management: Managing and optimizing various testing tools. 

  • Testing Automation: Implementing automated testing processes for guaranteed lab efficiency and reliability. 

  • Proof-of-Concept Design and Implementation: Developing and testing new concepts for network improvements. 

  • Deployment Templates Validation: Ensuring that deployment templates meet required standards and specifications. 

  • Virtual Network Functions Build: Seamlessly deploying and integrating virtual network functions. 

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