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Telco Network Engineering

Reailize's Telco Engineering Practice excels in a full spectrum of design, validation, and operational services across all network domains, including RAN / O-RAN, Mobile Core, Voice Core, Signaling, Transport Network, Security, Data Governance and Observability.  

Providing seamless deployments, integrations, and advanced troubleshooting with a commitment to quality and security.

Our collaborative approach with stakeholders and use of a wide range of automation tools position us as leaders in cutting-edge telco engineering solutions.


We leverage our extensive expertise, experience, and automation assets to offer a diverse array of engineering services.

Architecture Design & Validation

​We provide carrier architecture design, validation, and evolution roadmap services for end-to-end services, with a focus on capacity planning and validation. Our team also assists in carrier network consolidation and divestitures.

Network Modernization & Support

Assisting in network consolidation, divestitures, and modernization, particularly in integrating cloud technologies with traditional Telco systems.

Operations and Maintenance 

Providing proactive and reactive maintenance, including health checks, software release and patch deployment, troubleshooting, and vendor management.

Network Design and Optimization:

Our team specializes in network design, flow design, and optimization to enhance the efficiency and performance of network infrastructures.

Advanced Testing and Validation Services

Conducting functional, performance, service, and regression testing to ensure robustness and reliability of network services as well as compliance with the latest standards and best practices in the industry.

Security and Compliance 

Aligning with stringent security standards, addressing vulnerabilities, and ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Vendor Management and Review 

Managing and reviewing in-house or vendor-provided features and solutions, ensuring they align with customer requirements and industry standards.

Value-Added Services

We assist in the creation of value-added services to enhance customer experience and competitiveness in the market.

Comprehensive Documentation Support

Generating essential documentation, including High-Level Design (HLD), Low-Level Design (LLD), Network Design Records (NDR), Test Outline (TOL), Acceptance Test Plans (ATP), Configuration, Implementation, and Quality (CIQ), and more.

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